Abilene, TX

Where we live and serve

The Abilene community action committee (CAC) is in Texas, as a midpoint between El Paso & Texarkana.

About our CAC

We currently have six members, including a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse Practitioner, Exercise Physiologist, Educator, and a Person with Parkinson’s as well as Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador. Future engagement would include more individuals in the public health sector and service providers (2-1-1, United Way, Meals on Wheels, transportation, home health, etc.).

Our “Why?”

The following items are possible barriers to change that impact building a healthy Parkinson’s community:

  • Ignorance of Parkinson’s in general 
  • Fear, especially upon diagnosis 
  • Fear of telling their employer 
  • Financial barriers 
  • Social barriers 
  • Lacking an established community health worker model 
  • Poor communication between multiple parties 
  • Low walkability of the city 
  • Limited awareness of public services that are available (transportation, etc.). 

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

We want to build a broad support system for the Abilene community so people with Parkinson’s can live well each day. Our programming and networking will increase Parkinson’s awareness, understanding, and empathy. Building a healthy Parkinson’s community in Abilene will enable people with Parkinson’s to receive quality care, support when needed, and access to a centralized information HUB about many services available here and within a reasonable driving distance. 

The HPC initiative provides invaluable resources (persons, materials, communication with the Davis Phinney Foundation and CACs). We do not have to “invent the wheel,” but can use what is already there. We are willing to share with others if we do create a program, material, special event that is helpful here and might be duplicated elsewhere.