Easton, PA

Where we live and serve

The Easton community action committee (CAC) is headquartered in Pennsylvania, though virtually we serve two continents and geographically serve three states.

About our CAC

Currently, our community has six members from “all walks of life” and future efforts will expand the representation of the diverse community.

Our “Why?”

Current barriers that exist include: 

  • A lack of education and nomenclatures surrounding Parkinson’s  
  • No support structure for people living with Parkinson’s, their family, and friends
  • A lack of diversity in participation in services available within the communities we serve 
  • Limited accessibility due to the availability of the programs and location. 

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

Our community goals include increasing awareness, education resources, and support for people with Parkinson’s. Our collaboration with the Davis Phinney Foundation will hopefully be supported through guidance, resources, and grants.