Where we live and serve

The Massachusetts community action committee (CAC) spans the entire state of Massachusetts. 

About our CAC

We currently have three members from across the state. We intend to engage with several colleges and hospitals in the area to increase awareness about Parkinson’s and reach the newly diagnosed with resources to support them early in their Parkinson’s journey. We are currently in the process of creating a helpline staffed by people with Parkinson’s to provide educational and informational support for newly diagnosed individuals. 

Our “Why?”

We recognize the need to meet with hospitals and facilities that are willing to become a part of our resources network. Additionally, we have coordination at the state level but require local application of statewide vision. 

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

The vision for our community is to broaden support resources to other areas, strengthen
existing support services, and educate the Parkinson’s community about what is available to
them. The Davis Phinney Foundation’s Ambassador and community action committee (CAC)
programs are terrific vehicles to educate the Parkinson’s community and encourage them to
getting involved. The next step is to bring more of these programs to the outlying areas where
they are lacking.