Newport, RI

Where we live and serve

Our community action committee serves the Newport County area, consisting of five cities: Middletown, Newport, Jamestown, Tiverton, Portsmouth.

About our CAC

Currently, we have five members including a care partner of a retired Navy Sea captain, one person with Parkinson’s with DBS, one Power Moves certified instructor, and one member to connect to the rural areas. We would like expanded representation from the community hospital and from each town’s respective Wellness Departments.

Our “Why?”

Currently, our community experiences a lack of… 

  • Local area resources despite the availability of state-wide resources
  • Public transport or support to get to programs
  • Awareness around population with Parkinson’s that we are not reaching 

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

  • Increase Parkinson’s programming and resources in each city
  • Increase Parkinson’s awareness through support groups, programs, and building skills with providers within the hospital system 
  • Expand outside existing movement disorder programs to the community on a smaller and closer level 

More About this Community

The Newport community offers a few programs, including YMCA classes and personal training, at relatively affordable costs. Newport is also home to a large college population and a significant representation of retired military personnel, many of whom live with Parkinson’s