The Capital Region

Albany, New York

Where we live and serve

The Capital Region community action committee (CAC) is in Albany, New York and includes the
surrounding counties of Albany County, Rensselaer County, Schenectady County, Saratoga
County, and Glens Falls.

About our CAC

We currently have 5 members, and the Albany area has an impressive breadth of programs and
resources for Parkinson’s. From Movement Disorder Specialists (MDS), Dance, Boxing, Yoga,
Spin, Parkinson’s (PD) Self, etc. Albany offers it all. The opportunity is to bring more resources
like those available in Albany to the outlying areas.

Our “Why?”

The Albany area has a more educated and concerned public regarding the Parkinson’s
community due to the good work of the Albany Medical Center, Hope Soars, and the Capital
District Parkinson’s Support Group. However, the further you go from Albany, there are fewer
programs, Movement Disorder Specialists (MDS), and overall awareness. Currently, Glens Falls
hospital does not have an MDS on staff and Saratoga Hospital just opened an MDS Center with
their first MDS. Lastly, Albany south, east, and west is a Parkinson’s support desert.

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

The vision for our community is to broaden support resources to other areas, strengthen
existing support services, and educate the Parkinson’s community about what is available to
them. The Davis Phinney Foundation’s Ambassador and community action committee (CAC)
programs are terrific vehicles to educate the Parkinson’s community and encourage them to
getting involved. The next step is to bring more of these programs to the outlying areas where
they are lacking.