Empowering Parkinson’s Communities

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An initiative of Parkinson’s Nebraska, this project aims to address health disparities in Nebraska through statewide education and empowerment, with the goal of equitable access to Parkinson’s education and specialized care in rural areas. The organization plans to meet this goal through a NET Connects television program (in partnership with Nebraska’s statewide media service) and a robust community outreach program. These methods will help reach communities with limited internet access and ensure that all Nebraskans are aware of the symptoms of and strategies to manage Parkinson’s, as well as helping equip community leaders with the knowledge, tools, and resources to identify disparities and overcome local barriers.

Project Team
  • Jessica Buss, Assistant Executive Director, Parkinson’s Nebraska
  • Dave Ciaccio, Board Chair, Parkinson’s Nebraska
Learn More About The Project

Read more about this project on our blog here and watch the TV program created through this project here.