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Movement Matters- Baton Rouge, LA


The YMCA of the Capital Area serves a diverse population in the Baton Rouge community. Through their MOVEMENT MATTER initiatives, the YMCA aims to broaden its outreach to those with Parkinson’s in their region through four specific avenues:  

  1. Establish a support group for those living with Parkinson’s and their families/caregivers.   
  2. Broaden awareness, education, and access. The YMCA of the Capital Area will continue to work with its local hospital and medical partners and the Parkinson’s Community Action Committee to offer ongoing access through workshops and educational seminars to include information on medical access, nutrition for Parkinson’s, and seminars on the importance of movement.   
  3. Improve care for people with Parkinson’s. Starting in 2022, they will partner with North Oaks Hospital and the FRAN-U internship program (Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University), allowing young healthcare professionals to gain first-hand experience of the impact of Parkinson’s in the community, deepen their understanding of the disease, and hone their best practices for future treatment regarding collaboration in interdisciplinary patient care.   
  4. Establish a Pedaling for Parkinson’s Healthy Lifestyle Program & Provide Facility Access. They will deliver this 60-minute program two to three times per week to support healthy living for people with Parkinson’s.   
Project Team
  • Sarah Broekhoven, Registered Dietitian  
  • Katherine Whiteley, Member Services and Wellness Director  
  • Kelli Templet, Member Services and Wellness Director  
  • Mischa Pizzolato, Member Services and Wellness Director  
  • Julie Russell, Executive Director of Healthy Lifestyles  
  • Emily Garrett, Marketing, Social Media Manager  
  • Randy LeBlanc, DPF Ambassador   
Learn More About The Project

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