About the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities Initiative

We created the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ initiative to help inspire and support communities of any size – from neighborhoods to states – working to change how people live with Parkinson’s. Healthy Parkinson’s Communities is driven by community participation and led by individuals living in each community.

Why we started the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities Program

We desire to mobilize the energy within the Parkinson’s community and give Parkinson’s a seat at the table regarding addressing and being addressed by public health initiatives. Through this work, we aim to change how communities embrace and support people living with Parkinson’s and ensure that all people have the opportunity to live well with Parkinson’s, from a swift and accurate diagnosis to connection with culturally relevant and accessible community resources through to long-term care.  

We know that the needs of those affected by Parkinson’s often exceed the resources available to help them. Most organizations and community leaders we hear from wish they had more hands on deck, more access to financial resources to support initiatives, and more awareness about Parkinson’s in their area. Our Healthy Parkinson’s Communities initiative was designed to address these needs and help communities go further than they could alone.  

We aim to: 

  • Ensure Parkinson’s community leaders have the knowledge and resources they need to make a positive and sustainable change in their community 
  • Encourage and support data-informed initiatives at a grass-roots level to increase access to and engagement with resources that improve the quality of life for people with Parkinson’s 
  • Work with communities towards increased awareness of and health literacy about Parkinson’s in their areas

Who We Are

About the Davis Phinney Foundation

The Davis Phinney Foundation was created in 2004 by Olympic medalist and retired professional cyclist Davis Phinney to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. The Foundation’s focus is to provide programs and resources that offer inspiration, information, and tools that enable people living with Parkinson’s to improve their quality of life. 

The Healthy Parkinson’s Communities Team

Susana Carlos

Program Associate – Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ Network

Jenna Deidel

Director of Community Engagement, Davis Phinney Foundation

Kayla Ferguson

Kayla Ferguson

Community Grants Manager, Davis Phinney Foundation

Everett Graves Swinney

Everett Graves-Swinney

Ambassador Program Associate, Davis Phinney Foundation

Sara Linn

Sara Linn

Ambassador Program Manager, Davis Phinney Foundation

Claudia Martinez

Hispanic Community Engagement Manager

Connect With Us

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact us at communities@dpf.org or complete the form below.