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Healthy Parkinson’s Communities™ Network

The Healthy Parkinson’s Communities (HPC) Network is an impact network across North America. It is a growing system comprised of Community Action Committees (CACs), coalitions of diverse leaders united in changing how people live with Parkinson’s in their communities.

More about the Network
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The HPC Network centers on local leadership and deployment of resources and strategies while providing regional and national support. Community Action Committees (CACs) are central to this work and are created and led by advocates working at the local level. CACs work together to highlight local resources, address needs, and take action toward the common goal of building a healthy Parkinson’s community. 

Communities that join the network through a formal registration process gain access to:

  • Exclusive training and professional development tools for advocates and volunteers in their community
  • Davis Phinney Foundation staff support to help their community assess their readiness and set their vision and goals
  • The opportunity to network and learn from other communities working to improve people’s lives through participation in our online HUB, online groups and meetups, and our annual Leadership Conference

Meet the Communities

Community profiles coming soon!

Interested in starting this initiative in your area?

Read more about getting started on our blog or download our Getting Started Guide for more information.

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