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Hancock County Parkinson’s Network

Findlay Ohio

Where we live and serve

The Findlay, Ohio, Community Action Committee (CAC) is in Northwest Ohio (south of Toledo).

About our CAC

Our committee includes twenty members: health professionals (the vice president of special projects at Blanchard Valley Hospital, physical therapists, physicians, etc.), community officials and leaders (City Council member, minister, and priest), persons with Parkinson’s, care partners, leader of the local support group, and friends. In addition, the YMCA and 50 North, who both offer Parkinson’s classes, are members of this diverse group of community members.

Our “Why?”

Currently, our community experiences a lack of…

  • Neurology and Parkinson’s or movement disorder specialists
  • General awareness about Parkinson’s and existing programming or resources
  • Adaptability and willingness to change

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

  • Increase collaboration between resources and people
  • Improve education for the newly diagnosed and increase services to those who experience gaps in their medical care
  • Collaborate with others engaging in similar work, consult with noted experts, and to determine the best way to distribute resources to build and ensure a Healthy Parkinson’s Community