Fort Worth, TX

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Where we live and serve

Our community action committee serves Terrant County in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

About our CAC

Currently, we have three members and counting with representation from the field of speech therapy, physical therapy, a professor with a research background, a marketing director, and a person with Parkinson’s with clinical experience. We would like greater representation from a broader range of community diversity and well-known leaders, physicians, and more.

Our “Why?”

Currently, our community experiences a lack of…

  • Awareness around Parkinson’s knowledge and resources
  • Collaboration between Parkinson’s-serving entities and medical institutions
  • Centralized services and resources

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

  • Increased awareness around Parkinson’s knowledge and resources
  • Increased collaboration across Parkinson’s organizations and medical entities
  • Create a centralized hub for Parkinson’s resources and services

More About this Community

The Fort Worth, Texas, community action committee (CAC) has the energy of allied health professionals in partnership with a local Parkinson’s wellness facility.