Kearney, NE

Where we live and serve

The Kearney community action committee (CAC) is in central Nebraska. It is both rural and urban communities. We have two hospitals here, a level two trauma center and the University of Nebraska.

About our CAC

We have 8 members that include: two registered nurses (one is a certified anesthesiologist), a registered dietitian who is a licensed medical nutritionist, a person with Parkinson’s, a certified dementia practitioner, an occupational, physical and speech therapist, and licensed psychologist. In the future, we would like a parish nurse or clergy member, someone from the city council, and a neurophysician.

Our “Why?”

Currently, our community has no implemented referral base or communication about services, programs, and resources for individuals with Parkinson’s.

Our Healthy Parkinson’s Community Vision

Our community aims to Increase our web presence that would give a newly diagnosed or current Parkinson’s patient a holistic approach to care. Additionally, our community serves to increase the education for a referral base from medical doctors to all the other supporting programs that are trying to offer holistic care to people living Parkinson’s. 

Support from the Davis Phinney Foundation will help us stay informed about the latest research and trends that we can share with our referring practices. Additionally, this will lead to improved networking and finally funds from grants and sponsorships to bring in new programs like Rock Steady Boxing and Dance for PD to reach a greater number of people with Parkinson’s.