Calling all leaders in Parkinson’s community programming!

We are partnering together to provide trainers and professionals serving the Parkinson’s community with the knowledge, tools, and connections they need to deliver best in class programs and serve as leaders to create healthier Parkinson’s communities. And we want your collaboration!

Our Vision

We envision a world where the distance between a Parkinson’s diagnosis and connection to the local programs and resources proven to help people live well is shortened or eliminated, and where local trainers and professionals are collaborative, well-resourced, well-connected, and well-equipped to deliver their programs and serve as leaders in their Parkinson’s community.

Our Idea

Together, we are looking to put the results from our recent Parkinson’s Wellness Professionals Needs Assessment into action by piloting a collaborative training event sometime in 2024. Through a combination of practical training that can be immediately integrated into the class/program setting and skill building to address needs around outreach, resourcing, networking, and leadership, we envision a gathering that provides a unique space for trainers to come together across programs and get inspired.

Interested in helping us to shape and pilot this new shared training event? 

Complete the form below to express your interest in collaborating. We’ll plan to engage all interested parties in a focus group this Fall.

Partner Organizations

This project is being led by our National Engagement Advisory Team

To learn more about our National Engagement Advisory Team (NEAT) visit our Partners page