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The “What? Why? and How?” of Parkinson’s Awareness Month Proclamations

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, which ushers in a flurry of activity within the Parkinson’s community to raise awareness, advocate, and increase engagement. One way many people choose to advocate and recognize the month is by working with their local government to get a Parkinson’s Awareness Month—and/or World Parkinson’s Day—proclamation in their city or state. 

What is a proclamation? 

Simply put, a proclamation is an official announcement recognizing individuals, businesses, organizations, or events. It is typically signed and presented by a mayor or governor’s office and includes a certificate and sometimes a public ceremony. 

Why are proclamations used?  

Proclamations help educate and raise awareness about issues among government officials and the general public. Getting a proclamation for Parkinson’s Awareness Month helps bring attention to what Parkinson’s is and how many people live with Parkinson’s.  

How can I get a proclamation in my city or state? 

The process to get a proclamation is typically simpler than you might think. Many local government websites provide information about the steps needed to initiate a proclamation. Generally, the first step is to contact your mayor or governor to request the proclamation. You’ll also need to provide the actual verbiage for the proclamation.  

We’ve created examples (included below) of both an email/letter you can send to your local officials, and proclamation language in both English and Spanish. Feel free to download and utilize these tools as they are or use them as a jumping-off point to create your own. 

Proclamation Language (ENG)

Proclamation Language (SP)

Proclamation Template Letter

Want to go further? 

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